Two opposite gifts

Learning is the process of a lifetime. No matter in what stage of life you are in, there is always something new to learn if you are willing to listen. I have never seen this kind of attitude more clearly in the eyes of the people than here in Germany. I tell you why.

Cuando alguién muere

Con tan solo una llamada pueda caer tu mundo. Solo toma un instante, dos palabras, tal vez cuatro, y de repente te ves caer en un abismo que parece infinito donde al final sabes con seguridad que encontrarás oscuridad. De pronto la vida que creías tuya, que fluía con la calma y la alegría de […]

The Bad days

Rain falls and thunder and lightning are approaching my window. I try to sleep, but instead of that rain singing me to sleep as it usually does in my glorious days it wakes me up. The truth is that there’s something in my heart that will not let me sleep in peace.

What to do when you can’t stand a coworker

Many of us have found at work people who are difficult to work with. They seem not to be very friendly; they keep a safe distance and like to control things. They make you feel uncomfortable either with their comments or the kind of jokes they make, they seem to not be very happy and […]

What to do when your friend is depressed?

According to statistic approximately 6.5 % of Americans will experience the grayness of a major depressive episode in a given year. Therefore I believe that among the people you know at school, work, church, gym, you may have a friend or two who are currently experiencing depression.If you care for them you may want to […]

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