Rain falls and thunder and lightning are approaching my window. I try to sleep, but instead of that rain singing me to sleep as it usually does in my glorious days it wakes me up. The truth is that there’s something in my heart that will not let me sleep in peace.

Today was not a good day. It had a beautiful beginning because a dear friend and I went for breakfast together with our children. But from there it went down, because when I visit my family I found tears in one of its members by inattention on my part, carelessness, lack of intentional acts full of love of which I want to fill in my life with daily.

In my life I have found that there are days when love does not flow easily, not with our words, or looks, or nonverbal responses or voice. There are days when we feel that we are not understood, loved or respected. We wish the attention of others and we locked our hearts, putting internal barriers that block those around us. We want to say soft things, and instead we argue, we fight. And suddenly those days that began surrounded by beauty become something murky, very real and painful.

I would like to be different.

However the good things from the bad days, is that these eventually end, and night comes, the quiet, rain, the songs of nocturnal birds and then in the quiet we are able to close the muddy water that came from our heart on such a day.

We have no choice because everyone is asleep and we find ourselves reflecting in the quiet house on the mistakes we made that day. Sometimes I wish to change the events of the day, we want to turn it around, but it’s too late.
However the good thing from the bad days, is that they eventually end.

There are periods in our lives that are full of bad days, where hope lies, fear drowns us, the light in our eyes lingers away, and the more intimate need of your soul is not heard.

However the good from the bad days is that they eventually end.

It is a rule of life, pain can not last forever, because with the new morning and the light of dawn everything bad you did the previous day is deleted and a blank page awaits you with birdsong after nights of rain, thunder, or insomnia.

The morning awakes a new reality in your life, a chance to ask for forgiveness, to love, to laugh, to sing, yes to sing, because if you sing, the sound music heals, talks softly, and speaks words that sometimes we are not able to say to one another in any other way.

Relations among man are not always easy. Even between the people we say we love, we care for and we live for. Our relationships are not always glorious, beautiful or transparent. Sometimes there are bad days when they become difficult, bitter, and even torturous.

But the heart of man was made to love, to enjoy the gift of friendship and convey the principle of love that is pure, true, loyal. But while we live in this world of darkness, and until the new world there are days when we simply cannot provide any of this and we create our bad days.

But the good thing about the bad days is that they always end.

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