Una sorpresa inesperada

Fue uno de esos días que recordaría toda la vida. Pero la mañana fría nació como cualquier otra, sin yo presentir lo que sucedería en unas horas.

The Bad days

Rain falls and thunder and lightning are approaching my window. I try to sleep, but instead of that rain singing me to sleep as it usually does in my glorious days it wakes me up. The truth is that there’s something in my heart that will not let me sleep in peace.

Relationships and symbols

Most of us consider the wedding ring as a symbol; a symbol of love, permanence, continuity, loyalty and faithfulness. However, there are many other things in life, we recognize as symbols, because it reminds us of places and people we love. Last year this happen to me with a toothbrush.

Congruency and Relationships

John Powell a popular writer in the 70’s and 80’s wrote a book on communication called  Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am? Insights into Personal GrowthIn this book he share his idea that there are five different levels on which we can communicate, and an understanding of these levels is essential.

Resolving Conflict

“Sussy what is marriage?” The girl looked back at her in unbelief, then she said
“Teacher don’t you know?, to ruin your life!”

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