Most of us consider the wedding ring as a symbol; a symbol of love, permanence, continuity, loyalty and faithfulness. However, there are many other things in life, we recognize as symbols, because it reminds us of places and people we love. Last year this happen to me with a toothbrush.

I was in Dresden, Germany on our way to Prague. My husband and I stayed in an old house that was transformed into a hotel. The house gave me the sense of walking into a historic place where a rich family from last century lived and lived well. The smell of wood filled my pores, and the sight of stairs filled me with awe.

After getting and old, very old key to our room, we settle down and unpacked. I showered and went to find my toothbrush that was somewhere in my backpack. When I found it I immediately thought of and experience I have had a month ago.

I had bought this tooth brush in Mexico where I was living at the present time, with Cristy, a dear friend who took us to a beautiful place called La huasteca Potosina, a canyon full of beautiful waterfalls in the State of San Luis Potosi. We had an extraordinary trip and beautiful memories became fresh; and all because of a toothbrush.

I was far from home in a strange city with a strange language that I was unable to understand but suddenly in that far away city I felt connected to a friend who was thousands of miles away from me, yet seem so real to me because of a symbol.

If you think about it most of us keep symbols from our past, sometimes they are pictures, or gifts, paintings, small nick notches that remind us of a place or a person who meant something important to us in our past or present. They are able to bring back memories of our childhood, youth, or early adulthood with the wonderful gift from God: our memory.

The other day I was reading the Bible and I came to a place where Christ said to his disciples:

“I will not drink of this juice until I drink it with you in my father’s house.”

For me as an Adventist who believes that the death are at sleep and will resurrect when Jesus comes for the second time, this verse became something very beautiful. Jesus was making a pact with his dearest friends on earth. Telling them two things; I will come back to get you so we can be forever together, not even death will separate us, and then we will celebrate the occasion with grape juice, until that perfect day I will not touch it again.

He was saving a symbol in their minds that day. The disciples died, and many other like you and me came to know and love this same Jesus and savior who had made a promise before his death and resurrection. To come back and drink from the juice of the vine again with us, his followers, his friends, his loved ones.

Sometimes I imagine Him in heaven watching the vines, or the grapes and sometimes even savoring their smell, and then he thinks of you and I who are far away from home, but whom one day will come and drink with him the juice and celebrate we came home, near to him.

It is like me in Dresden looking at a simple symbol, which remind me of a moment with a friend who was really far away but even the distance between us could not stop the love I had for her.

Jesus wants to establish a relationship with you, so one day we can drink grape juice together.

I can hardly wait. What about you?

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