La historia de “Todavia vives dentro”

Una nieta descubre una caja escondida que la llevará a leer una historia olvidada enmarcada en eventos de una Colombia del siglo pasado. La historia es la de Ana. Ana emprende una fuga impulsiva por seguir al amor de su vida, ignorando que esta aventura descabellada la llevaría a atravesar juntos los años mas difíciles […]

The majesty of winter

The glass of the window was foggy because of the rain. The steam had stuck to the surface, making it impossible for Nadia to see the shadows outside her window clearly. The darkness of the night was bathed in full moonlight and she could only see the outline of the bare trees outside. It was […]

The power of short vacations

Have you ever needed vacation after a vacation? When you came home so tired that you just needed to relax, rest, basically just sleep. It has happened to me several times. But even then, disconnecting from the daily routine has a powerful effect over our minds.

The night of happiness

Night was falling. The light on the sky was changing slowly, from the natural blue of a clear sky to the red and yellows of a beautiful sunset. We walked slowly, enjoying the moment, feeling each other’s hearts quietly, hearing the street music, taking pictures, feeling the cool breeze over our faces and tasting the […]

Relationships and symbols

Most of us consider the wedding ring as a symbol; a symbol of love, permanence, continuity, loyalty and faithfulness. However, there are many other things in life, we recognize as symbols, because it reminds us of places and people we love. Last year this happen to me with a toothbrush.

How to find true friends

There was a period in my life when I had few friends. I was new in town, I couldn’t speak the local language perfectly, and I was away from my family. The first friendly stranger

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