Today one on my good friends is landing in a cloudy Mexico city after traveling abroad to see her father who is really ill.

I texted her today, to see if she had a good flight. We also shared a little bit about her experience in Peru. The bonds of our affection have grown in the last year and today I realized I can call her my friend. It has been my experience that when one of my friends is experiencing pain, my love for them becomes fonder.

In the same way I believe wherever you are reading this, you may have at least one or two good friends who make you smile and who have strong bonds to your heart. You have known their weakest days and you also have experience with them the bright days this life gives us.

Beside friends, there is another treasure in this world that always gives me joy; nature.DSC_0215

Last month I had the privilege of visiting one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. They are located in the state of Chiapas Mexico and they are call “cascadas de agua azul” (the waterfalls of blue water). They perhaps are not as majestic as the Niagara Falls, but the beauty in them flows when the sunbeams make the crystal water look a resplendent aqua color.






The plants around them were super green, and after sweating our way to the top of the hill, we decided to take a river bath in some of the crystal clean water pools, with smaller waterfalls which were pretty enough to make my children smile.


The experience was incredible, and the joy I experienced while in the water swimming and jumping from the rocks into the pools with my husband was exceptional.

Nature has the beautiful power to makes us feel alive, and sometimes to make us feel small. My friend Carrie Bobenhausen says it this way:

“When you stand in the stillness of a forest or view the sight at a top of a mountain you are reminded how small you are and the wonder of the universe pervades the soul.”

On my side I believe Nature is there to remind us every time we are in it’s midst; that there is a creator who cared enough to make a beautiful world for us to find pleasure.

One of my favorites authors writes in a book that talks about our relationship with our creator and savior this:

“God has bound our hearts to Him by unnumbered tokens in heaven and in earth. Trough the things of nature and the deepest and tenderest earthly ties that human hearts can know, He has sought to reveal Himself to us.” (Steps to Christ page 10)

 Therefore whenever you experience a beautiful moment with your friends, may be your children or your love ones, remember these are the ties that makes us see vaguely the love God has for us.

Whenever you take a walk by the park or are able to see a beautiful sky or an awesome waterfall remember these are the gifts God made for you in that particularly day for that particular moment.

There is no doubt in my mind God is a love, He is real and very personal, and He wishes for you and I to experience and share his love throughout our relationships, to emulate His love is the purpose of my existence, my reason to write.


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