An unexpected gift

It was one of those days that I will remembre for the rest of my life. But the cold morning did not announce it, instead it arrived with the usual deemed light of the winter in an ordinary day. I was not expecting at all what was about to happen that day.


It was one of those morning were I found myself feeling really tired. I woke up early to send my little daughter to school and I stayed at home with my older son Jonathan who was sick. Dad gave him breakfast while I went back to bed, to sleep a little longer.

La confianza

Fue una de esas mañanas que me encontraba muy cansada, despedí a mi hija mas pequeña a la escuela y me quede con el mayor. El papå se encargo de darle desayuno y yo me encargue de regresar a mi cama a seguir durmiendo.

The night of happiness

Night was falling. The light on the sky was changing slowly, from the natural blue of a clear sky to the red and yellows of a beautiful sunset. We walked slowly, enjoying the moment, feeling each other’s hearts quietly, hearing the street music, taking pictures, feeling the cool breeze over our faces and tasting the […]

Lecciones de un pequeño parte II

De acuerdo a la madre Teresa de Calcuta, los niños son los mejores profesores y creo que como madre de dos pequeños estoy totalmente de acuerdo con ella. Son ellos los que tienen una extraña habilidad para ver las cosas de este mundo con la mirada clara de la inocencia y la pureza de sus corazones blancos.

The Best Medicine

I was sitting in the corner seat of the train with my husband in the Berlin metro. From my seat you could see

The Bad days

Rain falls and thunder and lightning are approaching my window. I try to sleep, but instead of that rain singing me to sleep as it usually does in my glorious days it wakes me up. The truth is that there’s something in my heart that will not let me sleep in peace.

Congruency and Relationships

John Powell a popular writer in the 70’s and 80’s wrote a book on communication called  Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am? Insights into Personal GrowthIn this book he share his idea that there are five different levels on which we can communicate, and an understanding of these levels is essential.

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